Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dish or glass washer do I need?

For choosing the correct type of dish or glass washer please visit our local dealer to help you.

What is needed for achieving high quality washing results?

Water softener, good quality detergents and often maintenance of the appliance will help you to have stable and high quality washing results.

Is the prewash nesessary?

Yes, before the washing cycle we must remove all the residuals form the dishes and glasses. Please use only clean water and no liquid soap.

Will I consume less energy by turning off the machine between the programs?

No,the appliance consumes the max. power during the heating of the tank and the boiler. Afterwards the energy that is consuming is just for maintaining the temperature. By turning off the machine each time we will repeat the starting procedure.

Despite that I am turning on the machine it doesn't fill with water?

Check the electrical power and the tap of the water inlet. If the problem remains please call the authorized service of the company.

Why is my dish washer not so efficient anymore?

Clean the pump’s filter and the washing and rinsing arms. If the problem remains please call the authorized service of the company.

How often should I maintain my machine?

Daily cleaning after the draining of the tank is a must. Moreover a basic check into the machine every 2-3 months will be good to avoid having problems. In case that a machine is out of operation for several months technical control must be made by the authorized service of the company.

How do I install correctly an Alfa dishwasher?

Please follow the instructions below in order to make the installation an easy and quick process, :

Γενικες Installation Instructions

How is the connection of the Peristaltic Pump for Detergent?

How is the connection of the Draining Pump?

How do I connect the Timer?

Are the machines certified?

All our products and the company is certified and tested by many different actors. More can be found here.

What is the warranty period?

ELVIOMEX offers 1 year warranty on all its products.

Are there spare parts available for your machines?

We can supply you with any spare part you need to replace during the period of use of our machine.


If the above information is not enough, , call us at (+30) 22620 56380,

will be glad to answer any other question you.

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